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For and Against Essay


This is my For and Against essay corrected.

For and Against Essay

What are the arguments for and against making it compulsory to wear seat belts in all forms of motorized transport (including buses and taxis)?

This topic is very interesting because (at least here in the city) the transport is so deficient, and people are always saying that it is very dangerous because of the drivers (which is true), but they also complain about the seat belts. This is because in most of the transport services there are no seat belts (mainly due to the bad conditions of the units). But the use of these seat belts in all the transport could end in its complete rejection by the people.

Even when people complain about this, there are some vehicles that have seat belts, and people don’t use them. But let’s see the arguments in favor and against.

Arguments in favor:

First, I think that people will feel more comfortable and secure using the transport, and this will result in a wider use of these services than private cars, which will reduce traffic and pollution.

Another point in favor, which is a complement of the last point is that the government will be forced to introduce more units for transport, and more efficient units (such as electric vehicles or those that use natural gas).

But, on the other hand there are some points that will make that the services turn into a more complicated system that will end in less acceptance of such transport.

Arguments against:

First of all, I can’t imagine seat belts on the subway, people will never use them and of course they will destroy them. Most of the people travel just a few stations and sometimes they don’t even want to sit.

Secondly, the use of seat belts in motorcycles could be more dangerous than not using them, because the seat belt could turn into a lethal accessory in case of accident.


In my opinion, the use of seat belts is something that will help to reduce lethal accidents, and it’s very important, but using them in all the motorized transport is not a good idea. I think that first the drivers have to change the way they drive, because that’s the main problem; second, people have to use the seat belts, most of the people don’t use them even in their own cars. So we have to change something that is called the driving culture.

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